BLAZE to Celebrate ‘World UFO Day’ with 24 Hours of UFO Programming

‘World UFO Day’ is just on the horizon and BLAZE TV UK are celebrating the big day with 24 hours of UFO and unexplained programming.

Sunday 2nd July is ‘World UFO Day’ and BLAZE will be celebrating the channel’s favourite titles for a full 24 hours! Buckle up and join us to uncover the mysteries hiding amongst us on Earth and investigate the incredible, yet chilling, first hand accounts of those who have stumbled across extra terrestrial beings.

Featuring the UK premiere of Evil Encounters Terror From The Sky at 10 pm and BLAZE favourites including Craig Charles UFO Conspiracies, Evidence Of The Unexplained, Ancient Aliens, Encounter UFO and more.

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies – BLAZE TV UK / A+E Networks UK

World UFO Day on BLAZE (Freeview 64, Sky 164, Sky Glass / Sky Stream 168, Freesat 162 and Virgin TV 199) will take-off, Sunday 2nd July from 6am for 24 hours.

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