Your Biggest Fears Are ‘Almost’ Here – “Project Fear: Return To Terror” YouTube Series Is Creeping Up

Project Fear have wasted no time, since smashing their Kickstarter goal back in April of this year thanks to thousands of supporters who weren’t ready to see Destination Fear end after four seasons on the Travel Channel, allowing for more road trips, more locations, but only this time, on a different platform and under a new name. Fast forward to June, and already their brand new YouTube series, aptly titled Project Fear: Return To Terror, is about to drop – Dakota and Chelsea Laden, along with Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder return to some of their most terrifying locations from previous seasons of Destination Fear, with the same goal of testing the limits of human fear.

So, with a new title, and a new platform does that mean a new format? Here’s a run-down of what to expect from Project Fear: Return To Terror.

The series will be split up in to two parts; Part One will comprise of the daytime travel sequences, packet reads, location arrival and five hours of night-time investigation. Part Two will include the renowned hat draw and the dreaded moment for the team, four hours of sleeping alone – Each part will be approximately 50 minutes to an hour in length.

Courtesy: @collegehillhospital (Instagram)

Project Fear: Return To Terror – Location Guide

Sweet Springs Sanitarium
Part One – Friday, 23 June
Part Two – Friday, 30 June

Old Hospital on College Hill
Part One – Friday, 7 July
Part Two – Friday, 14 July

Old Joliet Prison
Part One – Friday, 21 July
Part Two – Friday, 4 August

Billie Creek Village
Part One – Friday, 11 August
Part Two – Friday, 18 August

Indiana State Sanatorium
Part One – Friday, 25 August
Part Two – Friday, 1 September

Episodes will drop Fridays on the @FearProject YouTube channel at 12pm PST (US), 3pm EST (US), 7pm UTC, 8pm BST (UK), Saturdays at 5am AEST (AUS)

Check out the official trailer for the Project Fear: Return To Terror series below.

    And one more thing… Also announced on socials is a brand new dedicated Project Fear subscription service called The Fear Club. Where fans can access behind the scenes content, view live streams, listen to monthly podcasts, join the team on an overnight and so much more – I’ll let the crew do the explaining (they’re very good at it).

    Visit and sign-up now with your e-mail address for early access.

    Project Fear: Return To Terror streams this Friday, 23 June at 12pm PST on the @ProjectFear Official YouTube channel.

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