“The Dead Files” Returns with an All-New Season

Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan reunite to help solve incidents of devastating paranormal activity for beleaguered homeowners when an all-new season of The Dead Files premieres on the Travel Channel this June.

However, this season marks a significant change as it bids a bittersweet farewell to Amy Allan, a dedicated partner to DiSchiavi for over 200 episodes. As a gifted physical medium, Allan has been a fundamental part of the team since the show’s inception in 2011. Helping clients reinstate order to their lives by making peace with the dead, she has helped alleviate fear and chaos for hundreds of families and property owners. After years of doing this intense work, Allan will be stepping down for a personal break, passing the torch over to fellow psychic medium Cindy Kaza, who will continue to help solve cases of unexplained paranormal phenomena alongside DiSchiavi. Allan’s final episode will air on Thursday, June 29 on Travel Channel.

This season, DiSchiavi and Allan combine their unique skills and perspectives to help solve unexplained paranormal phenomena plaguing property owners across America. Conducting separate investigations, DiSchiavi utilizes his detective skills, researching the facts around each location, interviewing witnesses, experts and historians about the hauntings and digging into archives to gain a better understanding of each property’s history. As a physical medium, Allan sees and communicates with the dead. She first assesses each property in a blind walk-through, using her gifts to identify any entities that reside there and why, often assuming their roles and reliving their death. The pair keep their findings hidden from each other, avoiding all contact with one another until the very end – when they come together to reveal their shocking discoveries to the property owners, and each other, as they help to restore peace for all involved.

Cindy Kaza is a psychic medium with multifaceted abilities. Extremely intuitive since childhood, Kaza has trained at England’s renowned Arthur Findlay School of Intuitive Sciences and travels across America providing people with startling evidence and messages from the dead. Kaza has also appeared on various paranormal television programs including Travel Channel’s The Holzer Files, Shock Docs specials, Portals to Hell, The Osbournes: Night of Terror, Ghosts of Devil’s Perch and more.

Don’t miss the season premiere of The Dead Files, Thursday, 1 June at 9pm ET/PT on the Travel Channel or stream on Max & Discovery+.

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