“The ‘Watched’ List” – August 2023

Stay up-to-date with all the latest TV and movie releases coming this August in the UK and US. From paranormal chillers to breathtaking thrillers and some terrifying true-crime docu-series, find out what is coming up this month. (Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 August)

Expedition X

US: New Season on Discovery Channel & MAX Wednesdays from 2 August at 9/8c
UK: New Season on Discovery+ Fridays from 18 August

Josh Gates has decided it’s time to really explore the dark side of our world. To this end, Gates has put together a team to undertake investigations delving into realms beyond the ‘unknown.’ He’s picked Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres to mount unprecedented expeditions into the unexplained and perhaps…unexplainable.

“Dark Days of Summer” on T+E

Saturday, 5 August – Friday, 11 August

It’s the “Dark Days of Summer” here on T+E! Join us from August 5-11 for marathons of our scariest shows, including Paranormal Caught on Camera, Help! My House Is Haunted, An Unexpected Killer and more, plus new episodes of Ghost Hunters and Mission Unexplained.

We Want to Believe: “The Woods”

New Episode on PARAFlixx paranormal+ from Friday, 4 August 9pm

The ‘We Want to Believe’ team embarks on a series of Bigfoot hunts; their quest for evidence leads them into dense woods and to a remote lake. Although they do not encounter anything they can attribute to a Sasquatch, Peter decides to lead the team in an impromptu Spirit Box session.

The Paranormal Journal: “The Warehouse”

New Episode on PARAFlixx paranormal+ from Saturday, 5 August 9pm

The Paranormal Journal investigates a local warehouse, where the owner believes the ghosts of two playful children and possibly something more sinister may roam within it.

Our Haunted Lives: “With David Taylor & Kristi Grissom”

New Episode on PARAFlixx paranormal+ from Wednesday, 9 August 8pm

Our Haunted Lives welcomes Laurissa Rex and Angie Moyer to discuss their projects, their paranormal journey, and the upcoming Hell House Paracon in Lehighton Pa at the Waldorf Estate of Fear sponsored by PARAFlixx paranormal+.

FILM: Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Streaming on Netflix from Thursday, 10 August

A single mother and her two children move into a farmhouse inherited from her estranged father. As they settle in, they discover their associations with Ghostbusters.

FILM: Haunted Mansion

Now showing in US theaters
Premiering in UK cinemas from Friday, 11 August

A woman and her son enlist a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts to help rid their home of supernatural squatters.

Darkness in Suburbia

New Docu-Series streaming for FREE on ScareNetwork.tv from late August (date TBC)

A New Jersey neighborhood development built in 2020 is unexplainably experiencing paranormal activity in multiple homes. A team of paranormal researchers investigate the claims to try and uncover what’s causing the strange phenomenon on a wide scale. Starring Shane Pittman (The Holzer Files/28 Days Haunted), Sean Austin (28 Days Haunted) and Josh Purvis (Searchers)

“Monster Week” on BLAZE

Every night on BLAZE from Monday, 28 August at 8pm

Monster Week is back with new documentaries on giant cats prowling the British and Australian countryside, werewolves in America, sea monsters and of course Bigfoot! The week will feature hunters who become the hunted, terrifying encounters, and teams of dedicated, passionate experts with modern technology to track down these elusive creatures.

Join BLAZE each night for brand new premieres including: On The Trail Of BigfootThe Hunt: In Search Of Australia’s Big CatsBig Cat Britain DeclassifiedEvil EncountersAmerican Werewolves.

Expedition Bigfoot

US: New Season on Discovery Channel from Wednesday, 30 August at 10pm

The Expedition Bigfoot team faces their most difficult challenge yet when they hunt for evidence in the Alaska mountains. From searching abandoned mines to exploring uncharted ice caves, they will stop at nothing to bring home proof of the elusive beast.

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